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Realinflo is proud to announce a partnership with Denzity, an online marketplace that is creating the ‘Skyscanner’ for real estate crowdfunding investments. We would like to introduce Denzity (www.denzity.io) as the newest member of Realinflo’s community.

enzity and Realinflo both presented at the Propteq Asia 2018 Conference

Real estate ownership has been a powerful engine for wealth creation and preservation, given its ability to hedge against inflation and generate steady cash flow. However, real estate investment has typically required a large amount of capital being tied up, with the transaction and management of property becoming an increasingly complex process. Real estate crowdfunding solves these problems with fractional ownership unlocking the gateway for more individuals and companies to achieve real estate ownership, earn passive income and diversify their capital into asset-backed investments.

Denzity is building an online marketplace to search, compare, and manage real estate crowdfunding investment portfolios. By aggregating a wide variety of investment opportunities from different platforms around the world, Denzity is focused on building innovative technology solutions to help save investors the time and effort when finding real estate projects. Learning resources and market research can keep users informed of the headwinds and tailwinds in certain real estate sectors and markets.

Denzity partners with real estate crowdfunding platforms from around the world to provide investors with a wide selection of real estate projects. By investing alongside real estate professionals, investors can monitor their portfolio and search for new opportunities through Denzity’s expanding real estate ecosystem. Overall, Denzity is working towards building an inclusive community to drive increased participation in real estate investment.

Realinflo is pleased to partner with Denzity for collaboration in exploring the use of innovative tools for the real estate industry.